Who are your target audience? What research led you to this? What are the similar artists?

My target audience varies because my song is from the rock genre but my video that accompanies it appeals to a younger audience because of the use of toys. However even with the video attracting the attention of a younger audience my song attracts an audience of a 2/3 males and 1/3 females audience with an age range of 14 – 35. this is because my song will appeal to the rock music fans whatever the video contains. Similar artists to my video are The Red Hot Chilli Peppers who used animation for their song Californiacation. Within their music video they showed their characters as computer game characters and this appeals to a younger audience than the Rock Genre tends to.

Commercially, how well would you expect the video you have produced to do, would it succeed in selling the song, and if so how many?

At the time when my song came out in the 1999 my video would have drawn attention to the song/band and rock genre because it would have been unique to other music videos on the scene at the time. this would have given the band some boosted popularity and publicity due to the uniqueness and diversity of the video that accompanies the song.

What would your audience get from the product? The uses and gratification theory? Would they get personal relationships/diversion/personal identity/surveillance?

For my target audience they would get entertainment from my music video because it is humorous and eye catching. This is because of the contrast between the song/genre and the visual representations shown. The audience do not expect to see toys being used in a Rock genre music video. They would not gain any personal relationship from the video nor diversion or surveillance. However my target audience could get some personal identity from looking at the band members themselves in other music videos but will not gain any personal identity from my video due to there not being any humans visible within my music video.