Creativity Essay

Do you feel your creativity skills have developed over the course from AS to A2 coursework?

In my AS coursework i created a Music Magazine called VOC which stands for Visions Of Collaborations. This magazine is all about Collaborations between different musicians. I thought this genre of magazine was not available on the market so I had found a gap in the market. Because of this idea of collaborations i then decided to have a bright and elaborate colour scheme to represent the mix of colour that is shown in each genre represented. This then would represent multiple music genres.

To decide on a layout that suited my magazine i made multiple layouts and style which had a similar colour scheme but were organised differently to each other. This was so that i could see what would fit my magazines style and genre to best suit the target audience. The title of my magazine is VOC this signifies Visions Of Collaborations. Within the O of the logo I have placed an image of earth to show that my magazine represents the whole world and all who inhabit it. For my article I decided on it being an interview style article where an interviewer had interviewed the artist the article was about. this then would be written like a Q&A style format whereby there would be a question in one colour followed by the answer in another colour.

To produce the photography for my magazine title, contents and article pages i had to think about angles that could possibly be used. In my actual magazine i have used a variety of angles and shot distances to create the effect that my magazine is as realistic as possible. The mise en scene of my photography had to represent my magazine genres. Therefore I have Used multiple location, a concert, a plain wall and many other places. I have then made many images used with the use of Photoshop this gives it a feel of separate locations.

A major part of my photography is the poses of my characters. On my cover i have a character sat on a stool with a guitar looking down towards the camera. This shot is a low angled shot that looks towards the character. The character is looking at the camera which gives it a sense that he is looking directly at the reader. On my contents page i have used some Photoshop images like the album artwork and the image of “MC Butchelli” which is the same person as in the image adjacent to it. However because of the alterations that i have done it looks like two separate characters.

Another major part to my magazine is the musician names and other articles or titles on my magazine. for instance i have used Travis Barker and Take That in titles on my contents page who are real musicians. however i have created some of the musicians in my magazine like “MC Butchelli” which is just a nickname that my Aunties gave my Mum so i decided to use it within my music magazine because it is a DJ name. this gives my magazine a sense of realism.

To create my magazine i have had to use software called Photoshop and InDesign both of which are made by Adobe. I have used these softwares to pull together all aspects of my magazine and then edited all of it to make the magazine complete. I used Photoshop to decide on my colour scheme and to edit any of the images that needed it. I used it for the Front cover and the Contents page. I have used InDesign to collate all aspects of my article this includes any images and text. i also used it to add simple but effective graphics of black lines in each corner of my article.

How much more of a challenge creatively did you think your A2 coursework was? Do you think you had to improve your creative skills?

In my A2 coursework i had to create a Music Video. For this i decided to do a song called “Stop The Rock” by Apollo 440 who are a rock band. This song as you can tell by the title is about stopping the rock, meaning the music of the rock genre. However i decided to take the song title literally and decided to create a chase whereby the goal was to stop a rock. in order to do this i had to come up with a concept whereby i could use stop motion to give the “rock” movement but also not have the surroundings or chasers looking unnatural or out-of-place. therefore i decided to do an entire music video with children’s toys and create it using stop motion.

For my concept i decided to use the children’s toys and create a chase whereby the “rock”‘s were being chased by the other toys. this idea was easy to produce however the location was not. to create a sense of realism i had to have the right location. at first i tried to confine the toys to just a table top which had different scenery on it. however this space was not big enough and did not feel real. so i decided to use my house. this worked brilliantly because i had a big enough house with enough different locations to make this video great. At first my video starts where the toys would be anyway, in the play room which is full of children’s toys and the room is a very bright and colourful area. It then spread around my house through my lounge through my conservatory and then back.

Because I was using children’s toys there is no real beings. Therefore my music video did not have any performance. However I have used a voice over from a teacher who used to be a News presenter for the BBC. This voice over is the only performance in my video which I have used at two places throughout my entire video. Once when the Sky News Headline is shown and the second time at the end when the “rock”‘s have been stopped.

The mood and atmosphere of my video is upbeat and happy. This is due to the music is upbeat and the use of the children’s toys creates a happy and humorous mood.


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