How to write the essay?

Describe and evaluate how your (Insert Category) skills that you have used in your production work developed over time?


  • Creativity
  • Digital Technologies
  • Research and Planning
  • Use of Conventions
  • Post Production

For my media coursework at AS and A2 i have had to develop my creative skills. At AS i produced a music magazine aimed at older teenagers and adults……. whilst at A2 i produced a music video for the song Stop The Rock by Apollo 440.

Paragraph 2 – AS Coursework

Paragraph 3 – Linking Paragraph

Whilst at AS i had to be creative in the production of my music magazine. At A2 the challenge of producing of a music video was a much greater challenge so i had to develop and improve my creative skills.

Paragraph 4 – Music Video and its creativity

Paragraph 5 – Conclusion

Looking back at my coursework, i think its clear that my creativity skills have developed over time.


Question 1.B – Genre


Part 1 – What is genre? what do you understand it to mean? Neale theory


Part 2 – Introduce your coursework – music video – your song, artist and your concept


Part 3 – Mention 3 videos from you genre, explain the forms and conventions of your genre


Part 4 – how you used the conventions of genre in your video – signifiers,  locations, characters, situations, shorelines, props


Part 5 – conclusion – genre useful for audiences & producers – Fiske theory


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