Propp – better for films rather than music videos

Vladimir Propp, a Russian critic, active in the 1920’s, published his Morphology of the Folk Tale in 1928. While the Soviet cinema was producing excellent films, Propp was essentially interested in the narrative of folk tales. He noticed

Folk tales were similar in many areas. They were about the same basic struggles and they appeared to have stock characters. He identified a theory about characters and actions as narrative functions.

Characters, according to Propp, have a narrative function; they provide a structure for the text.

The Hero – a character that seeks something

The Villain – who opposes or actively blocks the hero’s quest

The Donor – who provides an object with magical properties

The Dispatcher – who sends the hero on his/her quest via a message

The False Hero – who disrupts the hero’s success by making false claims

The Helper – who aids the hero

The Princess – acts as the reward for the hero and the object of the villain’s plots

Her Father – who acts to reward the hero for his effort

Levi Strauss – better for music videos


Good = Evil

Japan = America

East = West

Automatic = Manual

Beyonce – If i was a boy

Male – Female

Good – Evil

Loyalty – Dishonesty

Black – White

Love – Hate





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