Kill Bill Homage & Intertextual References

The good the bad and the ugly

The opening shot is a reference to a similar scene in The Good The Bad and The Ugly in which Eli Wallach points a gun at Clint Eastwood, who is near-death from dehydration and being out in the sun for hours and hours.
C’era una volta il West.
On her way to Budd’s trailer (after escaping the coffin), The Bride is walking through a sun-bathed desert out of focus, then slowly comes into focus, just like Henry Fonda in C’era una volta il West.
A Professional Gun (1968)
Thriller: A cruel Picture
Elle Driver’s look is inspired by Christina Lindberg’s character in Thriller: A Cruel Picture a swedish rape and revenge film.
Pussy Wagon lyric in the song Greased Lightnin’:
“We’ll get some purple French tail lights and thirty-inch fins, oh yeah/A palomino dashboard and duel muffler twins, oh yeah/ With new pistons, plugs, and shocks, I can get off my rocks/You know that I ain’t braggin’/she’s a real pussy wagon….
Black Sunday
The trailer for this film which contained a split screen sequence inspired the opening Elle Driver sequence.
The character played by Martha Keller goes into a hospital and disguises herself as a nurse to kill Robert Shaw’s character with a poisoned syringe.
Game Of Death
The Bride’s yellow track-suit is a direct homage to the one worn by Bruce Lee in Game of Death, the last and unfinished Bruce Lee movie.
Shanghai Noon
Starring Jackie Chan, Owen Wilson and Lucy Liu
Go Go’s technique with the ball.
Jackie Chan ties the rope to the horseshoe, he kicks it,and wraps it around his neck in the same way.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents (TV)
There is a scene in the episode ‘Breakdown’ of the Alfred Hitchcock Presents series that is very similair to the bride getting her legs back to work in the back of the Pussy Wagon in Kill Bill: Volume 1. In this by Alfred Hitchcock directed episode, the main character gets involved in a car accident in which he breaks his neck. He is not able to move and people who come by mistake him for being dead and rob him and strip his car. Then he figured that the next time people would come by, he had to move something to show them he was alive. He’s lying on the seats of his car when you hear him think: “If only I could move… move a little bit” and then we see the shot.
City Of The Living Dead
A woman is buried alive, like The Bride in Kill Bill: Volume 2.
Lady Snow Blood

Also a girl revenge movie that bears lots of resemblances. O-Ren Ishii is largely inspired by this character.

The song “Flower of Carnage” is from this film. Meiko Kaji stars in that film and sings the theme.

The duel in the snow:


A snow covered garden:


The division in chapters:


The villains look at their victim


A cruel master

A tough training

The animated sequence





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