Production and Post Production


Production at AS consisted of taking the pictures writing the article and producing banners, logos, shapes, and text in photoshop.

Post production at AS consisted of manipulating the photographs and putting all the text and graphics together on InDesign

What Post Production did you do for your magazine at AS?

  • Enhancing the photographs to make them stand out and look better. Picture Contrast. 
  • Text edited to give it more realism, also made bold for titles to make them stand out.
  • InDesign i found hard to use.


Production at A2 consisted of filming the main product, your video. it also consisted of taking the pictures, producing logos and text for the ancillary texts.

Post Production at A2 consisted of editing the footage on Final Cut. It also included manipulating the photographs and completing your digipak and advert on photoshop.

What post production did you do for you A2 product? Explain why!

  • enhancing the shots by using effects. 
  • Adding transitions to my video to run from one scene to the next.
  • Speeding up and Slowing down the footage
  • Editing with the beat
  • Splitting frames

Remember, where possible, to use key media terms such as signifier, signified, and the correct terms such as masthead, genre, etc. and were you can try to tie in representation, audience, forms and conventions, and institution.


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