Using Conventions from real media texts

Q1 AS Magazine

My magazine uses the following forms and conventions from existing magazine;-

  • The logo of my magazine is in the top left hand corner/ also the masthead is short and therefore is memorable.
  • The subjects face is easily seen and is creating eye contact with the customer.
  • The image on the front cover is the main article in the magazine.
  • The bar code and price are in the bottom right hand corner.
  • My magazine offers free items with it like posters
  • It has pictures of albums that are included in detail
  • My contents page has many images on rather than one big picture this allows the reader to get more information from just the contents page.

My magazine challenges forms and conventions of existing magazines by;-

  • My magazine has a very vibrant colour scheme which is more than the usual whereas  a lot of the music magazines currently available have a black and white and another  colour like red in there colour schemes.
  • The logo creates the colour scheme for the rest of the magazine.
  • I have a picture of an album that is reviewed within the magazine which is adding to the variety of contents within my magazine.
  • Competitions are advertised on the front cover instead of on the contents.
  • Pretty much everything has a border around it because i used the stroke tool so that each box or piece of text stands out from the background.

Q1 A2 Music Video

Conform – to agree with conventions

Subvert – to go against conventions

AS Magazine

  • Mast-Head
  • Main Image of star
  • Layout

A2 Music Video

Conventions used

  • Bright colours
  • Lots of effects used
  • Quick Edits
  • Concept with the drink and drugs
  • Lip Sync

Challenged conventions

  • Day time instead of night time
  • End of narrative
  • Traditional gender roles
  • Split Screen

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