Modernism —> Post Modernism

The Modern Era (Modernity) —> Post Modern Era

1750-1850 Industrial revolution

  • Population Boom
  • Urbanisation
  • Industry Growth
  • Optimism in faith and progress

1900-1950 Two world wars

Post Modern Era


  • technology evolvement
  • TV
  • Computers
  • Micro chips
  • Mass communication
  • Satellites
  • Mass Media
  • The Internet

Post Modern terminology

Duality – Two things happening at the same time. – Things can have more than one meaning at the same time – nothing has one fixed role or function

In Film this could be:

  • Blurring of characters – names, gender, sexuality, roles etc.
  • narrative has multiple endings
  • The story could have numerous interpretations
  • producer as actor

Rejects boundaries – blurs boundaries between genre, styles and art/media forms


  • In film this could be mixing of genre
  • reference to old films (nostalgia)

Fragmentation – everything is broken into small pieces of the whole – nothing is complete only a part of it.

In Film – Non-linear narrative – chapters

De-centred/De-Structured – Postmodernist view of humanity – not necessarily negative

In Film –

  • subject matter
  • conversations
  • irreverence to story

Dis-continuity – things dont happen in order – cause and effect isn’t recognised

In film – non-continuity techniques

Ambiguity – The intention or meaning is vague or unclear – in reality nothing is certain

In film this could apply to anything

  • narrative
  • characters
  • genre
  • time
  • beginning and end

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