Pulp Fiction

Striking Against the Conventions

Description of Pulp and Fiction

Long Shot at the start – Cafe – In the middle of a conversation – bank robbery in the past – then koreans racism – Killing jews

Plan Robbery in a restaurant – pros and cons – Then carry out the deed

BEST SONG EVER – Misilou by Dick Dale

End Credits at the start

Then cuts to more great music – Jump on it By Sir Mix A Lot

Random conversation about fast food – then all of a sudden they talk about guns – then about an actress on tv – then about a samoan black man, called him fat, fell through a glass house then had a speech impediment – The foot massage, The Foot Fucking Master, then travolta wants jackson to give him a foot massage, then check the time and room, then go back to talking about foot massage,

They then “get into character”, then talk at door before job, mia wallace, then talk about going on a date with them,

They then introduce themselves to the 3 men in the room, they then interrogate each man individually, then take mens food, the men get nervous, Topic is burgers,

Guy on sofa, gets confrontational because guy by door inturupts, then they are told where “it” is in the kitchen,

Guys starts to talk, jackson shoots guy on the sofa to shut him up, then asks what does mark salice look like? funny scene then shoots the guy to get information out of him.

then jackson says some random religous readings. after reading they shoot the men,

Then a title comes up and the scene goes to bruce willis in a strip club. not saying anything but with mr wallis speaking as a voice over. until mr wallis passes an envelope to willis with money in it, then willis says it certainly appears so in response to mr wallis.

Confrontation at the bar –

Punk rockers talk about peirccings explicitly

Drugs talk at a drug merchant – descriptions of what each drug does – Private stash of drugs

Music plays when he starts to take the drugs with some slow motion footage – alot of dark screen

Son of a preacher man song for the entrance and house scene

Dont be a then a square is added on in post production – as she draws it with her fingers


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